Arcaffe Gorgona whole coffee 1 kg [012015bk]57.75€

Arcaffe Gorgona whole coffee 1 kg

It has the name of one of the Tuscan Archipelago’s islands, located just in front of Livorno.

This is an almost new blend (90% Coffea arabica, 10% Coffea canephora robusta), for those who prefer a mild taste but not too mild.

We use for this blend coffee coming from Brazil (2 different kinds: washed and unwashed) and India (Arabica and Robusta). The Robusta coffee is India Parchment AB, specially selected for and by CSC.

The cup has a very good body, a sweet and balanced taste and a medium intensity flavour. This blend leaves a pleasant taste in one's mouth, in spite of the typical roasting of the Italian coffees.

This blend is certified and labelled by the “C S C - Certified Speciality Coffee Association of Italy

Characteristics of all our espresso blends: all the components of the blends are roasted separately in order to take the maximum advantage from each one. The cream will result reddish-brown striped, with a good life and texture. All the component come from single estate (except for Ethiopian one)




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