Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


Seller: Ladányi-Nagy Catering and Tourism Corporation

Registration number: 06-09-014892, registered at  Registry Court of Csongrád county

Short name:  Ladányi-Nagy Kft.

Seat: 14-16. Bolyai street, Szeged, 6722, Hungary  (There is no shop)

Tax number: 11712932-2-06

E-mail: info@caffebelt.hu

Webshop:  http://www.caffebelt.hu/


Phone: +36 204329976


Representative: Ladányi Benedek Áron


Costumer service:  +36 204329976

                                     Monday - Friday 10.00-18.00


If you would like to be an active user of our webshop then please read carefully the Terms & Conditions and only in that case use our services if you can share every details of it. This document won’t be registered, it is just an electronic contract. It will no longer be retrieved and it does not refer to Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about the operation of our webshop, ordering or delivering you can contact us.

1. The Terms & Conditions come into effect on 01. 10. 2011. and it is valid until modification or recall.

2. The Terms & Conditions is valid for the products which sell by caffebelt.hu.

3. The price is always the netto (or brutto) price shown in near to the product. The shown in prices don’t mean direct offers.

4. Everybody can buy int he webshop, who accepts the Terms & Conditions. The shopping in the webshop means the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. The caffebelt.hu reserves the right to check the accuracy of information provided during purchase.

5. The caffebelt.hu is always updating the informations on the website but the caffebelt.hu couldn’t take responsibility for mistakes, random failures. You can’t purchase our product or services without payment!

6. The purchase in the webshop is over the internet. The prices, the delivery and the delivery opportunities of the products in our webshop are not binding. We try to confirm the order in the next 48 hours from the sales@caffebelt.hu email address. The caffebelt.hu reserves the right to make an order if the order is fulfilled in prepayments tie.

7. The price shown in near to the product is for 1 unit (piece, kg, Liter, etc.)of the product.

8. The purchase of fax, e-mail orders or personal basis. The order will become effective when the caffebelt.hu confirms it.

9. The customer should pay the price of the ordered product in cash to the delivery service or to the seller when he or she get the package. The delivery price is bruttó 1250.- Ft inthe whole country. The package with carriage forward is plus 250 Ft (so 1250 Ft + 250 Ft)

10. Before the delivering the caffebelt.hu will send you a message with the actual date of the delivering. The customer is responsible for taking over the package in the indicated period. If the indicated time is not good then you should send a message to us. Otherwise we couldn!t guarantee the order price.

11. The customer shuold checking the unharmed package at the delivery. If the package has a delivery letter then the customer should sign it and give it to the delivery boy. After the payment and the delivery zour firts thing to do is the checking the ordered products and the products on the bill. If the products in the package diasgree with the products ont he bill then call our costumer service immediatly on the +36204329974 number or the sales@caffebelt.hu e-mail address. The caffebelt.hu is responsible for the back delivering and the redelivering costs if the first delivery was wrong.

12. We couldn’t take complaint after 24 hours.

13. When the customers order from our webshop the claim that to agree to Terms & Conditions, and they are aware of the Internet ordering process.

14. The caffebelt. hu could accept the purchase only in that case if the customer gives all the informations for the ordering. The caffebelt.hu doesn’t take responsibility if the informations are missing or something go wrong between the process.

15. The caffebelt.hu uses the informations of the customers confidentially in a private database and doesn’t give them  to a third person without the customer’s permission.

16. A17/1999. II (5) Government Regulation of the customer to withdraw his purchase of the receipt within 8 working days. Send back the unharmed ( don’t used, unopened) product with the bill to the address of Ladányi-Nagy Kft (1037 Budapest, Perényi út 14/a.) at your own expense and we will refund the price of the product within 30 days.  The refund is not valid for the delivery costs. We couldn’t take collcet package.
If the customer opened the package which contains food products then the customer couldn’t withdrawal. If delivery is made free of charge, the customer must pay the cost of transportation, which remitted the caffebelt.hu off as a home delivery - delivery is calculated according to price list.
In that case the customer used the product and does not know the complete package without creases, scratches and damage return for our company, we do not accept re-purchase the product. If the ordered product is wrong, or damaged during shipment, it will replace, free of charge our company. With technical products the receipt is available within 8 days, after 8 days the warranty service is responsible.

The date of the report of quality objections: within 3 days with receipt. Method: in writing, postal mailing address of the registered letter caffebelt.hu, 14. Perényi road, Budapest 1037, Hungary.

Quality complaints KERMI Ltd., the expertise of the parties is adopted. The cost of the expertise that party must anticipate who presented the complaint and the party will pay who is wrongly referred to the quality problem.If the quality complaints stand, the costs of the expertise is payed by caffebelt.hu.

17. Possible litigation, the dispute be assessed in the sole responsibility of the Csongrad County Court.

18. You can purchase in our webshop if you are a registered customer of it.

19. The orders are processed every working day until 17 pm.  You can be order after 17 pm but it will be processed on the next working day.

Our Customer Service is always confirm electronically (e-mail) when coudl we complete your order. Overall completion date, after the confirm within 7 working days. Sometimes it can be different, but we will inform the buyer on phone. The pictures on the websites can be different from the real, some cases they could be just illustration. Our corporation doesn’t take responsibility for the changes which depend on our partners. We reserve the right to refuse orders have been confirmed in part or in full. Partial fulfillment only be made after consultation with the customer! The purchase price of the product in advance to settle the case referral is the amount of the sender.

20. Appeal about collect package takeover: Please, only order the wanted product if You can pay the rent to the postman at the time when the package arrive! We debit the cost of the back transport to the orderer. If there is re-order it lie in our power to send the product only when the orderer remit the products offset!

21. We can assume 12 or 24 months guarantee for the product depend on it’s producer. If the applience break down, You can get further information on the adress or phone number marked in the guarantee attachment which is sent with the product, or some of our availability. The buyer is paying the cost of the product transport to the service center. You can send back the hampered machine to the web-shops service center: 14/A Perényi street, Budapest 1037. We don’t receive packages, we send it back in all cases.


The applience of the right of withdraval. As long as You would like to live the right of withdraval You can do it some of our availability on phone or in writing.

By post we mark the date of the posting, by phone we mark the time of the calling.  By postal blaze You have to use a register post form, because we only can check the posting date in this case. Please, send back the ordered product with mail or courier service to our adress. It is important that the customer have to pay for the transport, in the case of carriage forward we will not take the product over! If You need we can notify the courier service which we concorde of Your intention to parcel, You have to pay for this when You parcel the package to the courier.

Please, be especially careful to the intended use of the product, because if there is any problem from the unintended use the Customer will pay the compensation of the damage.

After the package arrived to our company, we video record the spreading process and the product checking. This needed because to avoid themisunderstandings in the future (for example, that the returned product was damaged or incomplete). The price of the product shall refund to the bank account specified by the Buyer within thirty days from the product arrival (By appointment mail return is possible too!)


In the matters which are not regulated in this Terms and Conditions the Civil Code is the normative, as well as electronic commerce and contract between the distance laws apply.


The use of the webshop and how to order:

The webshop is quite easy to purchase, because under the menu there are sub-categories and through these You can be reached any of these products.After selecting the product you want to buy the technical process of buying is:

1. You add the product You would like to buy to the cart.

2. If You want to add another product to the cart, please choose the next product from the menu and the sub-categories and repeat it again in the henceforth. If You don’t want to choose another product, please check the number of the product You want to buy. When You click on the „delete”  button it will empties Your basket. After the number of the products given, the Shopping Cart will be automatically updated, if it’s not happened please choose the „update” button next to the given product which index did not updated automatically. Once You have a realistic view of the basket please continue your purchase in the following way.

3.After clicking pay button the „delivery informations” page comes, where You can give the shipping adress and the mode of the transport. Here you can comments the purchase by providing the Text Field.Step forward is available with the "Continue" button.

4. After choosing the paying mode (by clicking on the circle next to the wanted option) the system warns You to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and detailed, and then when You would like to accept it (after accurate interpretation) please click in the  the circle which marks the acceptance. With this You can go on in the process of shopping with pressing the „next” button.

5. When You reach the „affirmation” page, there will be a summary for the shipping and payment method, and after another check by clicking the „order confirmation” the process will be finalized. 

6. You will get a feedback in e-mail, if it does not arrive, we our Costumers to fortwith notify our customer service about the error and we will replace it immediately.

7. We confirm the incoming orders in all cases by phone and checking the datas.

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