The "Arcaffè" is based in the port city of Livorno, Toscana. The Meschini family started its activity of coffee roasted in 1895 and for generations the founding Meschini family has handed down the secrets of perfect coffee roasted and the art of blending the beans. In 1926 Francesco Meschini prepared a special coffee blend exclusively for the renowned café Bar Roma, located in a central square of Livorno.

In 1945, soon after the end of the World War II, a new company was established and named ARCAF (acronym of Aziende Riunite Coloniali Alimentari ed AFfini). But the  people from Livorno could not pronoune these words so they called the company “Arcàffe”. So the owners, in 1947, decided to change the company’s name from ARCAF into ARCAFFE’.

Just like the 80% of the historic centre of Livorno, during the World War II, the Bar Roma was destroyed and the company decided to name it after their best product: the Blend Roma.

In 1949 Mokacrema, another special blend, was created and the quality policy, that Arcaffè keeps on observing and improving, was institutionalized.

 In 1996 Arcaffè founded CSC (Certified Special Coffees), a consortium certifying the quality of the coffee we purchase.




Jesus Ascaso found his company in 1962: the Ascaso Comapny dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialise coffee machines spare parts.

The Ascaso entered into the international markets and get new areas.

In 1997 José Luis Ascaso starts working on the idea of creating a line of espresso coffee machines.

7 years later the manufacturing facilities are enlarged, the coffee machine divison comprising now 4 different lines and 1 line of coffee grinders. The company sell these more than 50 countries.

Today, Jesus Ascaso works in the factory 6 months per year and int he another 6 months he lives in the town and tkae care of his garden, more than 50 years.

Ascaso Factory is formed by three professional divison:

1.      Spare parts.

Components for HORECA machinery

8 sections: Coffee machines, Grinders, Washers, Ice refrigeration, Gas, Vending, Small machines


2.      Espresso Coffee machines.

Coffee machines, Coffee grinders


3.      HORECA.

Horeca machinery. Divison only for spanish market.



The KRUPS is a leading brand in produce of espresso machines. In addition, it’s product are significant that will facilitate the food and beverage produce.


In 1846, founded the company in a forge.
The owner, Josua Kortz and his friends, including his nephew, Robert Krups.
His son, also called Robert turned the forge into an industrial company.

In 1866, Robert Krups and four of his nine children transforms the company into a renowned factory, delivering its products to Holland and Switzerland.

In 1900, the Krups company quickly becomes one of Germany's leading manufacturers of scales and the positioning of Krups machines is defined by the company's constant quest for precision and technical perfection.

After the Second World War, Fritz Krups and Dr Karl Körner gambles on relaunching the  company with barely thirty employees.
The lawyer, Karl Körner is adept at anticipating the needs of the post-war market.
Fritz Krups, an experienced technician, quickly transforms a few original ideas into successful products.

In 1956, Krups launches the first electric coffee grinders. As proof of the consumer’s appetite for these new appliances, Krups sells 1 million of these grinders in their first year of manufacture.

In 1983, Krups launches its first espresso machine. Faced with the German public’s passion for coffee, Krups extends its range of machines: steam machines, electronically programmable models and combination espresso/coffee machines.

In 1991 tha company launched the first Krups Nespresso (espresso system using coffee PODs), in partnership with Nestlé.

Krups celebrates its 150th birthday in 1996.



The company established in 1989, in Seattle. Nowadays you can find more than 40 countries, in coffeeshops, gorceries our products. At DaVinci Gourmet, flavor is what we do best. For more than a decade we have been making your coffee more flavorful and creamier, sweetening your favorite desserts. We never stop looking for new ways to expand your flavor experience. For the produce we use the best quality materials, furthermore every our products are Kosher certified.



High Quality Products from more than 25 years
Since 1983, Univerciok has stood for high quality and professionalism offering products of a very high standard at the right price.
Founded as a small cottage industry for the production of unfinished confectionary ingredients, it now enjoys a primary position in the Food & Beverage sector.
Currently, Univerciok is established in many areas of the Italian market and has dealings with 15 countries around the world.

The products of the company used in different market sectors: cake-shops, ice cream parlours, bars, hotels, small, medium and large foodstuff industries.
The careful choice of raw materials, constant attention during each stage of processing, continuous investments in research and innovation and the quality service offered to our clientele have always been the standards that have led to our continuous growth, resulting in a considerable increase in turnover, especially in recent years.

Univerciok also offers a choice of different weights, various types of packaging and numerous flavours.

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