About us

In 2009 our maniac love of the coffee became a profession and creed. We opened our coffee shop in the downtown of Szeged, where we made a CSC certified coffee. In that time we gave birth such a new thing there. The coffee shop and the quality coffee get a lot of fans and we worked a lot but in time we recognized there are many defects in the procurement system. Not just the offer but the felxibility of the dealers and the knowledge of them are very bad. These things can make more difficulter the working of the coffee shop.
We decided to try it.
As a customer and a seller we know the market. After when we collected all of these experiences in 2011, we created our webshop www.caffebelt.hu that allows all (raw materials, machines, coffee equipment) can be obtained, which is pro-or hobby bringing coffee need.

The website is available in Hungarian, English and as soon as possible it will be Croatian language too.
In 2011 our company eased with coffee importing it's activities. So
available in the webshop the CSC certified brand, the Arcaffé www.arcaffe.com as well. Our business cater the exclusive distribution these brands in Hungary across our webshop which named Caffé Belt.

Other amenities include offices, large and small communities and work for the catering we provide professional-pod and a full coffee bar service, for free.





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Call me on Skype